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Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Welcome to Share The Table!

Hello there, and welcome to the Share The Table Blog - a companion to the fortnightly podcast.

We are David Dawes and Ash Jones, studenty types in the worst recession for the past twenty years. As such, we find ourselves with next to no money, a lot of debt- and a fair amount of time on our hands. Here's a little about us:

Dave - I've always loved cooking, and I continue to do so, even in straightened circumstances. I also pride myself on my ability to do well without an extensive (and expensive) outlay. And that's what the plan for this podcast is; to show practically how one can cook and eat well with inexpensive ingredients, limited time, and shared facilities. I also think that sharing food is one of the best reasons to come together with people, and that's why at least half of each podcast consists of dinner table conversation, in addition to recipes, tips and news.

Ash - Almost seven years ago I became a vegetarian and that's when I realised I needed to learn how to cook - with a few second-hand cook-books on my shelf I became really enthused with making good quality, meet-free grub, and combined that with another passion of mine - entertaining friends. I love to know where my food comes from and it's not always easy to do when you buy pre-made foods, that's why I get down to the basics and try to make most things from scratch. I like supporting my local farmers by buying from the Gower growers, and I'm keen on getting the best out of the seasonal produce.

Anyway, that's enough faff- let's get on with it!

- Dave & Ash

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